OUR STORY… from founder Victoria Dupuy

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No More Broken Hearts was founded in memory of my husband Dean who died suddenly on September 29, 2013 of a heart attack. When I discovered that there was a possibility that Dean’s death may have been prevented if he had undergone a preventative coronary artery calcium scan, I was determined to do everything possible to make sure that nobody else would have to experience the same tragic loss due to asymptomatic heart disease.

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Three years later, No More Broken Hearts is a fast-growing, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to providing education and raising awareness that heart disease is preventable and that a coronary artery calcium scan plays a key role in making sure that there are no more broken hearts due to asymptomatic heart disease.

On September 23, 2013 Dean Dupuy died suddenly at age 46.  No warning. No health risks. No family history of heart disease.  In fact, he had recently had his annual physical and was in excellent health.  He was not overweight, did not smoke, and was physically active (a runner, mountain bike rider, hockey player, and skier) with normal blood pressure, and normal cholesterol.  Dean did not demonstrate any risk factor that would prompt his doctor to order a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan.  Yet, when Dean’s cause of death was revealed, it was determined that even though Dean passed all of the benchmarks for a healthy body, there was a life-threatening level of plaque blocking the vital arteries of his heart.  On the day that Dean died, without any signs or symptoms, the plaque in his heart ruptured--causing a sudden and, sadly, fatal heart attack.

Victoria Dupuy, Dean’s wife of 23 years, began the difficult task of coming to terms with the sudden loss of her vibrant and healthy husband.  Upon speaking with Dean’s doctor, who informed her that Dean’s heart attack was caused by plaque that had ruptured, Victoria asked why Dean wasn’t screened for this condition.  She was told, “We just don’t--when patients are considered low risk.”


By the end of the year, in 2014, Victoria channeled her grief in the most positive way she could and founded No More Broken Hearts, a nonprofit 5013c corporation.  The mission of No More Broken Hearts is to provide education and awareness that a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan can save your life.  Asymptomatic heart disease is a common condition, and until you have a heart scan you may never know that you have it--until it’s too late.

Through continued support from the community, friends, family, numerous medical professionals, business leaders and endorsements from organizations such as Athletic Hearts of San Francisco, No More Broken Hearts is making amazing strides in educating the community about heart disease and the need to be proactive in getting a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan.  Our ultimate vision is to do everything possible to make sure there are no more broken hearts due to undetected heart disease.

To achieve this vision No More Broken Hearts is committed to generating awareness, educating the public, and being a trusted information resource so that someday soon Coronary Artery Calcium Scans will be utilized—like mammograms and colonoscopies—as a routine, preventative health screening technology to prevent the loss of lives from asymptomatic heart disease.

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